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Created by a veteran yearbook advisor, makes gathering individual student information such as yearbook superlatives easy and affordable for advisors and yearbook staff. No yearbook superlatives submissions will ever be submitted on paper or ever be manually tabulated again! Stop manually counting superlatives! You can now Vote for Yearbook Superlatives Online easily!

Yearbook advisors provide with basic information about your yearbook and we take care of the rest! Online forms are automatically created and results are compiled for advisor and yearbook staff to access easily.

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Yearbook superlative voting and collecting other information from students has never been easier! sets everything up automatically and students can go online and vote. That's right, online! Students and advisor can access from home! All votes are automatically tabulated and yearbook advisors and staff will never spend time counting ballots ever again. Online Voting for schools has never been this easy. For more information, click on the links above.

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