Too much to do, so little time!

Since was created by a veteran yearbook advisor, we know how long it takes to count superlatives. Many advisors even consider removing superlatives from the book because it takes so much time!

Simply put, Counting Superlatives and Retyping Information... Takes TOO MUCH TIME!
I don't want to do it; You don't want to do it; Your students don't want to do it.... Not to mention, most yearbook advisors are teachers and are VERY busy!

Vote For Superlatives at! saves yearbook advisors a great deal of time! takes Yearbook Superlative Voting Online and makes it fun again!

How it works

1 - Call (845-634-2100) or email ( to get setup.
2 - Upload your list of students.
3 - Tell your students about so they know to vote online.
4 - Students log in and do all the work for you!
5 - Voting is complete.... view report and copy and paste right into your yearbook software / online program.

YES... It is that easy!

Yearbook Superlative Voting Online - Results look like....

Jane Doe has 10 Votes
John Doe has 7 Votes
John Smith has 3 Votes
Lucy Lu has 1 Vote

You mean, Superlative results look like that?! Yes..... and what's great is that is inexpensive!

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